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Physical Eye Health Exam

The external and internal parts of the eyes are examined using special instruments like a slit lamp biomicroscope, binocular indirect ophthalmoscope and specialized lenses. Your pupils may be dilated with eye drops for some of these tests.


This is a process of determining an eyeglass or contact lens prescription and we perform various measurements in several different ways to determine the exact prescription that will work best for your eyes. Computerized equipment is used in assisting the optometrist to determine the prescription, but an important part of prescribing lenses is for the optometrist to understand how you use your eyes at work and leisure.

Binocular Vision Testing

Eye coordination is tested to be sure your vision is comfortable and that your eyes work well together. This includes an analysis of the eye muscles used for movement, focusing and depth perception. If there is any problem with binocularity, your optometrist may recommend correction with prescription glasses or vision therapy.


Eye Pressure is one of the several risk factors for glaucoma that we evaluate in our routine eye exams. It is a measure of the fluid pressure inside the eye. We employ several ways to measure this eye pressure, including the AIR PUFF test that is very gentle and quiet, and the gold standard technique of Goldmann tonometry, which is a device with a blue light that shines at the eye.

Visual Field Test

Our routine eye exams include a screening of your peripheral vision with a computerized device or manually.

Ocular Photography

A special slit lamp mounted camera takes a digital color photograph of the front and the back of your eye. This test is recommended on a routine basis to provide your optometrist with a baseline record of the appearance of your conjunctiva, cornea retina, internal blood vessels and optic nerve. It is also used in the proper fitting and evaluation of some types of contact lenses. It is also used to document contact lens over wear and monitor the corneal health over time.

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